How We Work

We Network. We Meet. We Vote. We Give.

We Meet

100 People Macomb will host 3 – 4 events per year.

Each Member or Group commits to participate for at least one year and donate $100 per event.

Groups may pool their funds for the $100 donation. A group will be considered one member, allowing the group one vote and one charity nomination. Examples might be a neighborhood group, a faith based group, a social or civic organization group, employees of a local business, etc. Groups may make one charity nomination per event.

Events are conducted in one hour or less (not including networking).

Each event will open with a five-minute update on how the funds donated at the previous meeting were used by the recipient charity.

Membership is not limited to 100.

We Network

The first 45 – 60 minutes of each event are registration, open networking, food and drinks. (Food and drinks are on your own.)

We Vote

Members may nominate one charity for consideration. Nominations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event. See below for more details about charities that can be nominated.

Members may not be owners, directors, or employees of the charity they nominate.

Three charities will be selected from the applications to be presented at each event. The member nominating the charity will make a brief, informal presentation (no video presentation, etc.) about the organization to the group.

Each member may vote for one of the three charities. The charity with the most votes will be the recipient charity.

We Give

Each member will write a check for $100 to the recipient charity for a total group donation of 100 times the number of members present. So, if there are 100 members at the event the donation is $10,000. The donation could be more or less depending on attendance.

Members will accept the will of the whole by donating to the charity with the most votes.

Members are feel free to donate additional money or time privately to the other two charities if they wish.

Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the charity.

Members who are unable to attend an event are expected to give their check to another member to deliver on his behalf.